Project members: Vladimir Ichtchenko - guitar, vocals. Meri-Sofia Lakopoulos - violin, vocals
Description: Music Cruise Around The World
Songs of remote countries in different languages:
Finnish, Swedesh, English, German, Serbian, French, Macedonian, Ukrainian, Russian, etc.
Performance language and duration: 1 hour, 20 minutes without break.
Events: 30 November of 2012 - Sellon Kirjasto, Espoo, Leppävaarankatu 9


Title Language
Brave Captain Russian
Vihma Sajab Russian and Estonian
Three Angels Белорусский
Carols Russian and Ukrainian
Tsveta Moma Macedonian
The Oak and the Ash English
Besame mucho Spanish
Suite dos Pescadores Portugese
Ajde Razbole Serbian
Tango Smrti Serbian
Nazad, Mome Kalino Macedonian
Partezum Armenian
Bubamara Gypsy
Tum-balalaike Idish
Ich ging einmal spaziren German
À chaque fois j'y crois French
Molly Malones English
What a wonderful World English
Ako Umram Bulgarian

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