Project members: Vladimir Ichtchenko - guitar, vocals.
Description: Seditious songs, anti-government songs, protest songs by famous Russian singers-songwriters.
Performance language and duration: Russian. 1 hour.
Events: 11 April 2014 - Meeting Point KASI, Helsinki, Vuorikatu 8

CD: 10€
Program: Yuly Kim
- My mother - Russia
- I was a man of peace
- Horse around the corner
- Hooligan
- Once on the Party Committee
- Buy me a guitar

Bulat Okudzhava
- Master Grisha
- Anton Pavlovich Chekhov
- A Black Cat

Vladimir Vysotsky
- Those who had been with her
- ZK Vasiliev and ZK Petrov
- Wolf Hunt
- In the yellow hot Africa
- About the transmigration of souls

Alexander Galich
- Клим Петрович выступает на митинге в защиту мира
- Klim Petrovich speaks at a rally in defense of peace
- Helen
- Happiness was so possible
- Clouds
- Queen of the mainland
- Song of the major Tchistov
- Once again about Devil
- Song of the unfortunate wizards
- After the party

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