Project members: Vladimir Ichtchenko - guitar, vocals, Inessa Watson - guitar, vocals.
Description: Russian romances, Scottish and Serbian folk songs, about women. Songs written by women songwriters performed by Inessa Watson and Vladimir ichtchenko.
Performance language and duration: 1 hour, 10 minutes.
Events: 7 March 2014 - meeting place KASI, Helsinki, Vuorikatu 8


Telling the Truth About Women S.Diachkov - M.Nozhkin
For Whom You Sheds the Tears Russian romance
Tsveta Moma Ubava Macedonian folk song.
The Erath is Empty Without You A.Pakhmutova - N.Dobronravov
I Was Dreaming About a Day Russian romance
I Was Awakened V.Matveeva
Green Tea V.Matveeva
Laila L.Reed - B.Mason, O.Gajikasimov
Delilah L.Reed - B.Mason
A Schoolgirl M.Vega
Lenochka A.Galitch
Misfortune V.Vysotski
Wild Ash Russian folk song
A North Country Maid Scottish folk song
Aide Razbole se Moito Libe Serbian folk song
I'm not yours anymore I.Watson - E.Lapina-Balk
See Nothing, Hear Nothing, Say Nothing O.Feltsman - L.Oshanin
Going down the river bank E.Vaenga

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