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About the FEST




VYSOTSKI FEST International

About the festival

An event that should have happened many years ago finally took place in Helsinki in 2016. A concert where Vladimir Vysottsky's songs had been sung in 6 languages took place on January 26 in International Center of Culture CAISA.
Vysotsky's songs have been translated in 216 languages. Of course there are just one or two songs that were translated in exotic languages, such as orochi or miaori, but there are more than a thousand translations in English and Polish. There are hundreds of translations in Bulgarian, Armenian, Czech or Hebrew.

Now finally quantity transitioned into quality. Creative society "SATA KIELI", which can be translated from Finnish as "One Hundred Languages", "One Hundred Strings" or even "Nightingale" organized the first really international concert which was called "VYSOTSKI FEST INTERNATIONAL". Maybe it will be too soon to call it a festival, however, VYSOTSKY FEST became a real joy for all participants and viewers.
A hall with 180 seats could not accommodate all of those who wanted to attend. Vladimir Vysotsky's songs were sung in Finnish, French, Russian, Italian, English and Swedish. Manners of singers were quite different. For example, Swedish duo presented songs-sketches but duo from Turku sang in a folk manner. The same songs sounded differently in different languages. Italian and Finnish interpretations were so different that it seemed that they were singing different songs. Some songs were sung in Russian, so Vysotsky's words, ideas and tones sounded without accent.

The first International VYSOTSKI FEST was a success. We would like to continue this tradition and create a real International Festival of Vladimir Vysotsky's songs. Everybody who loves those songs are invited to Helsinki where the festival will take place on January 28 2017.
If you are going to come as a spectator we recommend you to buy a ticket in advance.

Those of you who would like to sing Vysotsky's songs from the stage should notify the organizers. Maximum time of performance is 20 minutes. We don't have sponsors yet, that's why we can pay neither your travel expenses, no your hotel. We also don't pay fee for participation. Every performer will receive a personal invitation.

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